Is poker a sport or a game?

While poker has long been considered a card game in the literal sense, it’s become nothing short of a phenomenon over the past two decades. Thanks to the rise in big cash tournaments and TV shows, it’s almost like a sport in its own right. Many people would agree with that!

If you ever play poker at an NJ online casino, there are sure to be some thrillsto be experienced when enjoying this competitive and high octane game. Of course, you can never know how any casino game is going to play out, and there isa multitude of ways in which you can attempt toturn the tables to your advantage.

So – why should poker be considered a sport? Let’s take a closer look.

It takes genuine nerves of steel

 Just as with any other competitive sport, playing poker requires a steely nerve. While it is not as physically demanding as a sport which takes you onto a court or pitch, you still need to have your brain in the game if you stand any chance of making a profit.

Therefore, just as our best athletes are perfect at keeping their nerves when under pressure, so are the best poker players. Consider how much is at stake at the bigger tournaments. Do you want to blow thousands of dollars in one false move? You’re going to need to keep your cool!

It takes constant practice and training

 Just as athletes and sports stars need to keep training to be at the top of their game, so do poker stars. The fact is, poker is an ever-changing game. The rules can change a little, but what makes the game evolve from play to play is those at the table.

Every player has a slightly different strategy. It may seem easy enough to categorize some players as sharks or newbies. However, the best players are those who don’t have a stereotype to their game.

They know all the combinations, all the tells, and how to throw people off. Poker is a game of mental agility and raw nerve, as well as cunning. You don’t get good at poker by chance, even though the hands you’ll receive are purely random.

There’s a lot at stake

 As mentioned, there is often a lot of money at stake in poker tournaments the world over. The bigger the contests, the more money players could stand to lose or win. Therefore, it’s a real competitive free for all.

You don’t pull up to a high stakes poker table just to take part. You get involved to win – and that means keeping cool, sharpening your mind, and being ready to look closely at how other players are handling their cards. Do they have any tells?

Only the bravest, most experienced poker players sidle up to the big money tables. For them, it’s not only a sport; it’s a career.

So yes – while poker is traditionally a game, and one you can play with your buddies on an evening, it’s also an intense sport. Just tune in to a late-night tournament, and you’ll see what we mean!

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